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Elected Officials

Gregory W. Snook, Chairman, (term expires 12/29)
Marvin Eicher, Vice-Chairman, (term expires 12/25)
Karl T. Zerbe, Road Master, (term expires 12/27)

Amy McClellan, Tax Collector, 602 Winey Ave, Middleburg, Pa. 17842 570-837-1157

Steven Bilger, Auditor (term expires 12/27)

Donald Romig, Auditor (term expires 12/29)

Terry Polan, Auditor (term expires 12/25)

Seth Moseby, Martson Law, Solicitor

Jarred Hassinger, Vacancy Board

Russell Goodling, SEO Officer

Reliance Hose Company, Butch Hackenberg (Chief)


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